Tuesday – Pentecost 11

Judges 2:1-23
Romans 16:17-27
Matthew 27:32-44

There are three readings for the day above. The gospel reading is the crucifixion scene. And this writer wants to avert his eyes. Think about something else. Right there is the gulf that separates man and God. In Matthew’s Gospel, there isn’t the repentant thief from Luke, the mother is not standing close as in John. In Matthew it is all mocking. Men at their worst, mocking and torturing the weak and the afflicted. Men always want to put God on trial for this wrong or that injustice or why He would allow this. And God submitted. And we showed the complete mockery of justice that is our trial. We took the innocent, the sinless Son of God and nailed him to a tree and mocked him till the end. We know the end of the story, but sometimes that moves too fast. It allows us to avert our eyes. Sometimes we need to let our eyes rest on that cross to realize the enormity of that chasm.

May the Lord allow you to keep a steady gaze, and then grant you His peace.

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