Monday – Pentecost 11

Joshua 24:16-33
Romans 16:1-16
Matthew 27:24-31

The scene in Matthew contains two phrases of man’s hubris in regards to his sin. Pilate washes his hands and says, “I’m innocent.” The Jewish crowd responds, “His blood is on us and our children.” Pilate does not have that authority. He is the appropriate civil authority. The Father has given him that authority as Jesus had told him. Pilate fails at that, at dispensing justice. He has no authority to declare himself innocent. At the same time the Jewish people are not the civil authority. They have no right to proclaim their guilt. They also have no claim to all the guilt or the ability to pass it from generation to generation. The sin is ours, but the proclamation of forgiveness is God’s. Which he has proclaimed in Jesus. We can’t proclaim ourselves free, and we can’t accept more guilt than God gives us. But God has procliamed us free, and put all that guilt on Christ on the cross.

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