Friday – Pentecost 10

Note: Sorry about missing yesterday. Events intervene. I am taking the readings From For All the Saints which is the 2 year lectionary from the Book of Common Prayer. They are also available on an ongoing basis for days that I would miss and even an RSS feed from this ESV link.

Joshua 9:22-10:15
Romans 15:14-24
Matthew 27:1-10

In this two-year lectionary Romans is coming to a close and Paul is sharing his future plans and hopes. We tend to think of The Apostles or the Apostolic church as ‘a very special time’. You know, a time where everything worked perfectly and everyone was holy and God worked wonders and they didn’t have to get real dirty. The intention is not to knock what God accomplished and inspired through the Apostles, but to point out a similarity. Human nature does not change. It can be daily drowned, but not changed completely this side of the new creation. Because of that, less changes than we think. The means and the technology may change, but the motivations, desires and basic way things function never does. Paul has laid out his theology to the Romans. And now we know why. He wants to take the Gospel to Spain, a greenfield so to speak. And he wants the Romans help, after he spends a little while. The Apostle Paul is writing a fundraising or prospecting letter. Within the scriptures we aren’t given information if Paul ever made that journey. Acts 28 ends with Paul in house arrest in Rome. Church tradition says he did make that journey, Clement of Rome in the late first century holds that Paul made that trip. God does great things in every age, but he typically, even in the case of apostles, works through means – fundraising letters and phone calls for volunteers and kind words shared.

May you have the joy of being God’s partner today in sharing the Word.

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