Wednesday – Pentecost 10

Joshua 8:30-35
Romans 14:13-23
Matthew 26:57-68

But Peter followed him at a distance, as far as the courtyard of the high priest, and going inside he sat with the guards to see the end. That is from the RSV translation of Matthew and it seems to be a perfect description of much of Western culture in relation to Christ and His Church. It follows at a distance and desperately wants to see the end. The root that gave it life, that it once confessed to, is being led before the high and mighty. It gets mocked and blasphemed. Its teachings are ridiculed. And the culture trails at a distance and takes a seat with the guards and wants to see the end. The betrayal is coming. I never knew Him. The teachings were not foundational parts of the law. He has no claim on this culture. No branch cut off from its root long lasts. The only question is repentance. Does the culture hear the call to repent and believe in Christ’s ability to restore? Or does it continue toward the suicide, like Judas. Those are the paths layed out before us, both as a culture and as individuals – repentance, or self inflicted death.

May the Lord give you the wisdom and strength to see the only path to life is through repentance.

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